Monday, August 18, 2008

My Debut

Hello my friends from the sunshine state. Today we are under a T.S. warning, but the good news is that an honor has been bestowed to me by a wonderful woman by the name of Chrishawn Simpson, owner and operator of Girl Evolution, a website devoted to promoting positive self image and self-esteem in girls and young woman. For anyone young and old who's ever a problem with their own self image or low self-esteem, please go and check out this website or if you have daughters. Go to:
Check out my article and the site. Let me know what you think of both.
This is Sunflower signing off for now, but I'll shine on you again real soon.
God Bless!

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Andrew Dickey said...

Keep shining!! saw this and am glad or you and proud of you. Hang in there and don't stop shining!!


wendtone said...

Ginny well done for getting better, by no means easy...but you came through the other side....
You are an Inspiration to us all!!
We are very proud of You!

Thank You for writing this Blog!! : )

Wendy & Tony : )