Thursday, July 1, 2010

Friendship and Recovery

Hello loyal followers and friends, just another post in this saga.
Eight days agao, on the June 23, 2010, I had to do one of the hardest things in my life ever and that was having one of my best friends committed to a psych ward because she actually tried to kill herself, didn't just threaten to do it. She tried with pills and alcohol. When she finaly woke-up the next morning, she was shocked that she woke-up. Then, a little after 11:30 am, she called me crying, telling me she tried to kill herself and that she couldn't believe it didn't work, that she woke up. After I picked my mouth up off the floor, I immediately jumped in the car and went and picked her up, she only lives 4 blocks away, but before I did that, I went to her mother's house and left a note for her to call me immediately when she got home.

For a little background information, Mistie and I have been friends since the 8th grade at the ripe old age of 14yrs. My first year in public school, always went to private school. Mistie and I quickly became good friends. Over the years, we haven't always been in touch on a regular basis, but have always known that we could count on each other. I also use to take care of her son, while she worked during in first 2 years of life. That you're a little caught up on the relationship, let's continue.

So, for about 2 hours, Mistie and I were talking and getting no where! Then my phone rang and it was her mother, she had come home for lunch that day, thank God! I excused myself from the room, saying it was a business call and went outside to talk her mom. Her mom and I decided the best thing to do was to call 911. So her mom called and told them hom to get to my house, we didn't want Mistir to know that we had called. Trying to keep things as calm as possible. I went back into my house and we started watching TV and talking a little more, but she just kept repeating herself over and over," I can't believe it didn't work! I can't believe I woke up!" She had also written a suicide note outon the computer and printed it out,it had instructions as to what to do with what little she had left to her name. Apoligizing to her family and her 16 year old son.

Twenty minutes after I spoke with Mistie's mom, the police showed up at my door and all hell broke loose! First, my friend said she hated me for calling the police. I told her that I didn't make the call. They asked her a few questions, then they asked her if she still wanted to kill herself and she says," I just want to die!". Well, that was it, all they needed to baker act her. Three cop cars show up at my house, in my house and me all trying to talk Mistie into willing get in police car. I finally get her to go, get her in the back of the car, very pissed off at me and the cops for not waiting for her to smoke a cigerette, I think she was more pissed off about no being able to smoke, than anything.LOL!

Her mother and I went to see her the next day. She looked a little better, but extremely tired and mentally worn out. Talking to her, you could still hear the hopelessness in her voice.It was kinda of scary for me. I, at one time conteplated suicide, but never went any farther than that. So for the next 7 days she has been participating in all the different therapies they offer and can hear and see some changes, but I'm still not quite sure if it's genuine or for show. I hate to sound like that, but alot of people in her position are known to tell you what you want to hear, so they eventually can get alone, to try it all over again and I'm just not sure yet, hoping and praying for the best out come possible as well as everyone else involved.

Today,July 1,2010 we (meaning her dad, mom and myself) are meeting with Mistie and her Doctor to discuss her progress, our fears and what's next and what to expect, etc.I am very nervous, but that's just me, as my psychologist callls me his nervous little wreck.LOL!
I'm really hoping she can come home with us, but not sure what we are doing or we are going to handle things. This is all new territory for me and her parents.
I will keep you posted. Thanks for listening and have a wonderful day and remember God loves you!


Merle said...

Thank you for sharing Ginny it brought tears to my eyes. I am so proud to have you as a friend on Swom. Best wishes and good luck for your friend.

The Princess of Gab said...

Thank you Merle and I feel the same way about you. We all need friends!

Anonymous said...

Drug Addiction can be a hard thing to deal with. But it's friends like you that can get people through it.

Glad to have you as a friend on BreezyBuzz.